3 things that’ll boost the power of your emergency kit

Awesome, you have a disaster kit ready to go with food, water, first aid supplies and all the important things you need to survive a few days on your own. Now that the essentials are covered let’s talk about those understated yet nice-to-have (when you need them) items that can go far in boosting the quality of your kit. Items like plastic freezer bags, money and a phone charger can save you time, money and get you out of a bind.  But, they are often way down on the list of emergency kit adds under flashlights, batteries and band aids. To help you out, here are the three top items people often don’t think to add to their kits, but always regret not having.

Cash: Even in a minor power outage cash and credit card machines may not be available at stores. If you can, set just a little cash aside to be able to buy what you need in an outage pinch.

Image of cash which is recommended to add to your disaster kit in the case of power outage and cash machines are down.

Bleach: Unscented household bleach is a great tool for disinfecting things and sanitizing drinking water. First time using bleach to sanitize drinking water? Get the directions before you try.

Image of unscented bleach bottle which is recommended to add to your disaster kit to disinfecting things and sanitizing drinking water.

Tools: Adding some basic tools like a wrench, crowbar, and screwdriver will come in handy if you need to shut off utilities, get your car unstuck, or remove debris from a passage way.

Image of tools which we recommend adding to your kit to help clear debris and shut off utilities

Check out Building a Kit on Seattle Office of Emergency Management’s website for a full list of what to include in your kit.

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