Seattle Emergency NeighborLink Map

If you’ve ever wondered who else has formed a neighborhood group around safety or disaster preparedness, then you should check out the NeighborLink Map which shows where in the city people have organized around emergencies. The interactive map shows you what emergency focused groups exist in your neighborhood and allows you to connect with those groups […]

Heard about AlertSeattle? If not we can get you up to speed


  AlertSeattle is the City of Seattle’s new real-time emergency alert and notification system that allows you to sign up online to receive customized alerts via text message, email, voice message, and on social media (Facebook and Twitter). The system sends text alerts or emails when there is a public safety or emergency issue happening in the city. […]

Jeff, Beacon Hill

Image of Beacon Hill resident Jeff who is interested in preparedness for his community.

“Do you face any challenges to preparing?” “I have difficulty getting my family and neighbors interested emergency preparedness. I attempt to overcome this by sharing information without being overly pushy.” “Are you doing anything with your neighbors or community to organize or be ready for an emergency?” “I have not discussed in detail, with my […]

3 things that’ll boost the power of your emergency kit

Image of cash which is recommended to add to your disaster kit in the case of power outage and cash machines are down.

Awesome, you have a disaster kit ready to go with food, water, first aid supplies and all the important things you need to survive a few days on your own. Now that the essentials are covered let’s talk about those understated yet nice-to-have (when you need them) items that can go far in boosting the quality […]