Get Ready Quick: Shoe and Flashlight Drill

Image of small dog and a pair of shoes and flashlight under the bed.

Check under your bed tonight. Is there room for a pair of shoes and a flashlight? These two essentials can make a big difference if you have to respond to an earthquake in the middle of the night. Power outages and broken glass are common after a major earthquake. This has contributed to cut feet being a top injury after a quake. Tucking a pair of shoes and flashlight with batteries under your bed is key to reducing your chances of getting hurt.

Getting in the habit of reaching for them means you’ll remember to do it if an earthquake wakes you. Do a practice drill so you don’t forget.

Here’s the drill: Have everyone put a pair of sturdy shoes and a flashlight with batteries under their bed. Every season after that do a two minute drill that includes pulling out the shoes, putting them on and testing the flashlight batteries. Replace old batteries and missing shoes so that you are ready when an earthquake strikes.


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