Jeff, Beacon Hill

“Do you face any challenges to preparing?”

“I have difficulty getting my family and neighbors interested emergency preparedness. I attempt to overcome this by sharing information without being overly pushy.”

“Are you doing anything with your neighbors or community to organize or be ready for an emergency?”

“I have not discussed in detail, with my neighbors, emergency preparedness. However, the first step has recently been taken by reaching out to Seattle OEM to learn more about existing city programs. I plan on taking a modular approach by beginning with the Map Your Neighborhood program, then hosting basic emergency preparedness classes.”

What are the challenges you see to your community on Beacon Hill being ready or being able to respond to a major disaster?”

“Beacon Hill appears to be lacking behind in emergency preparedness when compared to other Seattle neighborhoods. It appears as if, due to the diverse socio-economic composition and language barriers, Beacon Hill is not as connected as it could be.”

Image of Beacon Hill resident Jeff who is interested in preparedness for his community.

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