Power’s out, now what?

Image of woman holding light stick

Power and communication outages can last longer than a disaster. Be ready for outages that can happen by taking actions to minimize the inconvenience and maximize safety when you get left in the dark. Here are a few tips on how to handle a power outage at home.

  • If you know it’s coming – (For example a storm is on the way) Power up all your electronic gadgets like Smart Phone, iPad, iPod, laptop and so on.
  • Reach for a light – But, resist breaking out the candles or using any other open flame to help you see. Instead opt for a flashlight, glow stick or stick up battery light.
  • Know where your main switch is located – It may be just a circuit breaker or fuse box causing the outage. Learn how to safely reset a breaker or change a fuse (We can teach you!).
  • Lights still out? Call the City of Seattle Power Outage Hotline at 206-684-7400 for a recording of all known outages, if your area is not mentioned please contact Seattle City Light. They want to know.
  • Avoid overload – Unplug your small appliances so they don’t overload the circuits when the power comes back on.
  • Save you perishables – (For as long as possible) Keep your fridge door closed as much as possible to retain the cold.
  • Use hot water sparingly – Your hot water will hold for up to three days depending on your usage.
  • Give yourself a sign – Leave a radio or light on so you know when the power has been restored.

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